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About Megan Soukup

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

ISSA Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Yoga Sculpt Certified Instructor

Bachelor of Arts Dance Choreography


From baby ballerinas to senior citizens, Megan has worked with all ages and different levels of fitness throughout her career. She enjoys teaching others how to properly perform exercises and motivating them to reach their goals. Megan has helped clients lose weight, create fitness plans, and train for specific events like an Ironman.


Megan was a professional dancer in New York City where she was a featured dancer on Saturday Night Live, an international TV commercial, and other performances. Now with a focus on fitness, she has competed as an IPE Bodybuilding Bikini Pro winning first place overall at the Mr. and Ms. Natural Minnesota show May 2016, UNBA Pro California show November 2016, and won 2nd place at the IPE World Championships November 2017.



Megan is a certified ACE personal trainer. Through her studies, she combines her knowledge of anatomy and movement to help clients with weight training and cardiovascular training.

            GROUP TRAINING


Megan is a certified ISSA group fitness instructor. Megan is currently teaching fitness classes. She enjoys working with groups of people to get them involved in fitness. With experience ranging from young children fitness classes, competition dancer fitness, adult fitness classes, and senior citizens, Megan enjoys working with all ages and levels of experience with fitness. 

            Dance Fitness


Megan is currently teaching dance fitness classes. This class focuses on the abilities and muscular development for dancers. In order for dancers to balance, engage muscles in movement, and perform difficult tricks, they need to develop and build the correct muscles. These classes teach the dancers how to use their muscles in correct form and give the students an education to use in the future.

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